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I am Michael G. Maxwell and this is my project, Felnyrii. I make Noise and Drone styles of music or soundscapes in addition to performative sound art pieces like my Master of Fine Arts degree thesis show, "The Human Reliquary". Since establishing myself as a sound artist, I have rarely charged anything for my digital downloads. Though now I am beginning to provide more collections are varying prices; including free download projects still.

When subscribing to the my work on an annual basis, I will be providing more than what I publicly offer. This may include alternate projects, exclusive and unreleased materials, or even sample libraries for my fellow audio creators. As of now, there are four previous albums I created before beginning to release under the name, Felnyrii. Each of these and the most recent priced albums are immediately available to anyone subscribing.

Felnyrii is a therapeutic project for myself and any interest or support offered is truly appreciated.

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    For your extraordinary support, your name will be listed in the album credits of any release developed while you are subscribed. Not to mention I'll send you a Felnyrii sticker when you subscribe!
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    With this tier, I will make up a private Google Hangout once a month for us to meet and chat about work in progress pieces I have or you can show me your projects. This can be a time to meet and chat or give critical feedback or critiques. The choice is yours!
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A Master of Fine Arts graduate with an emphasis on sound art and engineering, my work takes a blend of performance art and live sound design into custom instrumentation and spatialization. Solo works often include the use of modular synthesis or feedback systems as a collaborator; splitting the creative mind into multiple parts. More conceptual discussion is available on my website.

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