by Felnyrii

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Interview with DaveX of WDBX 91.1 FM's Music for Swimmers:

DaveX: How did you get into “difficult sound” and experimental music in general?
Felnyrii: Growing up, I remember being interested in classical music, my first instrument was a violin; not that I could play it anymore, but it was a stepping stone. From there I found my way into metal and then industrial or more electronic pieces in general. Through my industrial interest, I started hearing more noise based work and that started feel correct after a while.

DaveX: At what point in time did you discover experimental / noise and figure out what this is?
Felnyrii: Spanning from industrial into noise, originally left me confused and excited. I didn’t know what I was hearing exactly, or what people were making what I heard. Being later exposed to Merzbow’s Minus Zero gave me a footing in this world of noise.

DaveX: Okay, I have to know, who introduced you to Merzbow?
Felnyrii: Haha, that would be my long time friend, Jared. He has a knack for introducing me and others to anything you may or may not want to know about. However, his introduction helped me stop fringing on the outskirts of the more experimental music scenes and begin defining what I had been hearing and what I wanted to make. Additionally, my undergraduate track at SIUC gave me a further step into this realm of sound by way of my professors, Jay and Phylis. Each of them gave me direction by introducing me to artists like Steve Reich and David Toop. That combination of influence and discovery led me into the MFA program and the sonic environment of this album [Meditations].

DaveX: What does “Felnyrii” mean? What language is it?
Felnyrii: The name started out as a RPG character name for either or both D&D or Elder Scrolls. Since then, it has became a tag I use for obviously more than that and the use has given it more of a purpose. Like many of us, today, we hide behind usernames and aliases, and because of that, “Felnyrii”, has started to stand for what is kept inside or secret from others and to produce work under that name is a way of displaying or publicizing something otherwise lost in the self.


released July 26, 2015

Felnyrii is Michael G. Maxwell

Performed and produced by Michael G. Maxwell.
Cover art developed in collaboration with jonathan b. andrew.



all rights reserved


Felnyrii Illinois

A Master of Fine Arts graduate with an emphasis on sound art and engineering, my work takes a blend of performance art and live sound design into custom instrumentation and spatialization. Solo works often include the use of modular synthesis or feedback systems as a collaborator; splitting the creative mind into multiple parts. More conceptual discussion is available on my website. ... more

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